Ludus is a game

Screenshot2LUDUS is a business simulation game crossed with a role-playing game, where you play as the head of a gladiator school. In your pursuit of becoming a successful Lanista, you must procure good slaves, train them as gladiators of the arena and put on amazing shows to the roar of the crowds.

In order to be commissioned for new games, you must also pick your friends and enemies carefully as you navigate your way through the deceitful social environment where every pleb, magistrate and senator is looking out for themselves. Socialize with the best people in society, and cut deals with the worst.

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  1. Hi there!
    I’m so happy to see someone working on a game like this! I’ve been looking for one for so long and have only been able to find games like which is a wonderful concept but a bit behind the times, or “age of gladiators” on steam which doesn’t seem to show any actual fighting at all but is more text based. So I want to start off by saying thank you!! And I can’t wait to see the final product!
    One of the things that drew me to is that the gladiators weren’t controlled by me! I trained them and equipped them but then felt like a true Lanista as I watched them fight and had no control over if they actually won or not. So my question is if Gladiator.Training is like this? Or are the gladiators “player controlled” once in the arena?

    1. Hey Daniel. We’re still experimenting with the level of control that you’ll have during the fighting, but it definitely will not be direct control. At the moment we’ve got something more like a tactical plan that you lay out for the fighter, which then plays out more or less how you planned it. We expect this to be refined quite a bit as we go through the alpha and beta stages.

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